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A Dance Tribute to Faith, Nature Connection and Bahia


This is my contemplation to the deep and beautiful song from Master Brazilian Musician Gilberto Gil.

I dedicate this dance to all who live this peace through art, science, life philosophy and a way of living. Muito obrigada Axé!

 This Dance is about belonging, connection to nature & peace. Its about faith, that faith that you feel with your entire being. It’s about roots. About Axé and the Orixás.

For me it’s also about home, Brazil. And Bahia!

In the beautiful voices of Ivete Sangalo and Maria Bethânia this song becomes a chant, an anthem for peace.

The words say: “Put all the weapons away, and Samba!”

The mission is peace.

To you my colleagues, teachers, fellow dancers, students and friends all over the world!

Let's keep this dance alive!



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My favorite Samba Moves Of the Season - Summer 2018



Drum roll please!!!!

~My Favorite Samba Moves Of the Season!~

I taught this Samba combo to many beautiful Samba Queens around the world! If you took my class this Season, chances are you were able to learn a version of this routine (sometimes modified, because I like to be in the moment), but I am sure was still based on these moves.

The goal of this dance (besides dancing of course), is to help students develop agility for quick Samba moves. You will notice there is some fun styling too!

I want all of you to be able to access this video for free - whether you were able to be a part of the live classes or not- for inspirations and fun!
A little gift from me to you

Enjoy babes,


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You Gotta See Him: The Brazilian Michael Jackson

Hello Samba Babe,
For a long time I have noticed what Brazilian Samba dancer Pablo Guerreiro tells me here today: Michael Jackson was a "Malandro" (Style of Samba Dancer). Somehow, on MJ videos, especially on the "Smooth Criminal" video, you notice that his style is all too similar to the mythical Brazilian "Malandro" for it to be a coincidence.
Well, Michael Jackson was an extremely talented dancer, and I am glad to tell you that so is my guest on this Sexy Samba Soul episode today. On this show, I am honored to interview Pablo and to share a bit of his dance with all of you.
Pablo Guerreiro is a dancer and teacher who truly enjoys sharing his talents and his love for Samba with the world. He is light and smooth on his feet, and you can see why here today why Pablo says that his Samba is influenced by the King of Pop, the forever missed Michael Jackson. 
Last year, Pablo and I worked together on a Samba duet, part choreographed and part improvisation, and performed...
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Sexy Samba Soul Show Interview: Episode Dill Costa. "What do they need from me?"

Today on our Sexy Samba Soul Show for the Samba Dance Academy, I bring to you an interview with Brazilian Dancer and Teacher Dill Costa. Born in Rio de Janeiro Dill teaches in Chicago, USA now at The Old School of Folk Music.  Dill Costa has amazing energy and deeply care about her students. Her class is full of rhythm and beautiful smiles. 
I am in love with her spirit. She is truly a great human being and and teacher. I am honored to have her in the on our Sexy Samba Soul Show. Enjoy this great interview! 
Warm Brazilian Hugs,


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❤ How to BOOST your self-confidence!

Hello Beautiful YOU,


Today I want to talk about a subject that I get asked a lot of: Self-confidence!
 People always ask me, “Vanessa, how did you get to be so self-confident?” I understand that I may appear to be very confident. I have performed in front of thousands, appeared on National TV such as CNN and Fox, made movies and videos and taught thousands of classes. But the truth is I grew up extremely shy and to some degree I am still shy. In my case, my shyness was, no doubt, linked to a lack of self-confidence. 
Is self-confidence holding back your success? If you have days or even years when you feel you lack confidence, please know you’re not alone. Low self-confidence impacts all of us at different points in our lives. One of the things that held me back from pursuing my dreams for many years was a fear of failure and the lack of self-confidence that I needed to overcome that fear. To some degree, it’s something we...
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Vanessa's Sexy Samba Soul Show Interview with Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn about Samba Style, Costumes and Shoes!

On a beautiful but cold morning I went to Napa Valley not to talk wine but, ironically, to talk Samba fashion, culture and of course Samba costumes....Ok, I confess, I happily had a "few" glasses of wine too.
My guest, Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn and her beautiful daughter Maria Luiza received me for an interview in their home. They were both very gracious and welcoming hosts as we filmed this episode of Sexy Samba Soul™ Show. Luiza even modeled a pair of shoes for us. Thank you beautiful Luiza!
Maria Cristina is a very dynamic woman and the founder of Brazil Carnival Shop Online (  She brings to the table, besides her "Brazilianness", a background in marketing and fashion (Yes, I mean she worked with Oscar de La Renta)!
On this interview she shows us beautiful dresses and passistas (Samba dancers) pieces, Samba shoes to die for and Brazilian active wear to inspire us to hit the gym and the dance studio for...
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Samba Dance Teachers us to Love Ourselves!

You know, we love our hips, our bum, our "bumbum" here at the Samba Dance Academy. Samba teaches self love, appreciation and how good it feels to not have to "hide" our butt or conceal it even in movement... how good it feels to express our femininity. Unlike so many other traditions that do everything to take away the power of a woman's body!
Please check this video below of me teaching at the International Samba Congress in Los Angeles! We sure shook our hips.... 
As poet Lucille Clifton beautiful said:
"These hips are big hips they need space to move around in. They don't fit into little petty places. These hips are free hips. They don't like to be held back. These hips have never been enslaved,  they go where they want to go, they do what they want to do. These hips are mighty hips. These hips are magic hips. I have known them to put a spell on a man and spin him like a top!"
Keep shaking your bumbum.
I hope to dance with you very soon...
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Sexy Samba Soul Interview with Dancer Rodrigo Marques. "Never Quit on your Dreams!"

On this episode of our Sexy samba Soul Show™, I have a Samba and Gafieira conversation with dancer and choreographer Rodrigo Marques. You gotta meet him, he is truly an inspiration! Marques is a dance teacher, dancer and choreographer. He is also the co-creator of the International Samba Congress in Los Angeles and Gafieira Brasil in Rio de Janeiro
Rodrigo Marques is the Artistic and Stage director for the Carlinhos de Jesus Dance Company (Cia Carlinhos de Jesus) Marques has also danced for Seu Jorge, Diogo Nogueira and More! This was truly a fabulous time and interview and I got to take my first steps in Gafieira with him right at beautiful Venice Beach.... I am a lucky girl! 
You will see also a special appearance by great musician Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro (He was there and his interview is coming soon too!)


Samba on....



P.S. I love that this show features music by the fabulous musical group "Grupo Falso Baiano"....
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Our Sexy Samba Soul™ Show is Here!


I am thrilled to announce the first season of my new show Sexy, Samba, Soul™
Soulful conversations with a Brazilian sensibility and style: dance inspiration, food, beauty & fashion tips for dancers and non-dancers and creative minds. 



Our first season comes exuding soulful sexiness:         
  • An in-depth Samba dance conversation with Aninha Malandro (teacher, dancer, choreographer, co-creator of the International Samba Congress)  
  • Samba and gafieira fun with Rodrigo Marques (Seu Jorge, Diogo Nogueira, Carlinhos de Jesus choreographer and stage director. Creator of Gafieira Brasil and co-founder of the International Samba Congress)
  • Brazilian Style and Samba Costumes & Shoes with Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn (Owner of Brazil Carnival Shop)
  • Makeup tips and a blog interview with celebrity makeup artist Agostina...
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