LOVE LOVE LOVE the Online Class... the whole class looks gorgeous and is exactly what I need - thank you!" Shauna Mcgee.

Samba Dance Academy™

by Vanessa Isaac

Your Online Samba & Brazilian Dance Studio


 Samba, Level 1 Program is Here!

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"Working with Vanessa Isaac is a pure delight. She is knowledgeable, patient but also pushes you to be the best dancer you can be. Her fluid and feminine style is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she a beautiful dancer, she is a beautiful person. She infuses wellness and self-love in her dance practice and genuinely cares about all of her students. And her creativity expands beyond choreography.... If you are looking to improve your Samba, Vanessa Isaac is your woman."

Nadra Ehman
Samba Dancer, Afro-Fusion Teacher, Super Mom

"Vanessa explains and helps you think through the choreography, making you understand what your body is doing... She makes you feel sexy...."

Anastasia Smith
Dancer, Model and super Mom

Step-by-Step Samba Tutorials

The dance sessions feel just like a live dance class. I go step-by-step with you so you see what you need to do to master the moves in Rio's Samba-no-pé dance style. Have no fear! I am here to inspire you to dance your heart out, to learn and to thrive. I break down footwork, hips, arms and full body movements.

You also get a full "practice video" where you get to work on the fluidity and musicality of samba.

I say, you are born to shine! Are you ready to samba?

Beautiful Combos & Choreography

Learn fun and sexy combinations. Samba dance will inspire you to move your body.

The Samba Dance Academy ™ breaks down the most important steps and moves in Samba dancing, teaching you the transition steps, popular and innovative moves, styling and more.  

You"ll  feel inspired and confident on your own abilities. I love seeing you succeeding and having fun.

At the Samba Dance Academy™, YOU are the diva!

Special for Members Only: Save Money

Coming soon: exclusive store discounts for our dancers and members. The Samba Dance Academy™ has secured discounts to many online active wear, costumes and makeup stores, just for you!

Save big on your next pair of beautiful samba shoes, costumes or your sexy fitness wear for your next dance class. We are working on securing more and more discounts for our "Rainhas do Samba" (samba queens). Save big, dance and shake with joy!

Samba is more than a dance style.

It's a lifestyle!

"Samba is my passion Joy is my guide. Beauty is my mantra and YOU are my inspiration!"

I am Vanessa Agle Isaac, Brazilian dancer and performer, and I want to invite you to samba with me, to laugh from pure joy and to get inspired for life. The Samba Lifestyle is about living a passionate life full of colors, wellness, style, beauty and lot's of PASSION!

Samba is a beautiful art form, the best fitness program and a way of life!

I want you to discover a confident, fit & fierce YOU! I am here to share life and uplift you to reach your goals. Practical advise in wellness, style, beauty and, inspirations to the soul is what this site is all about and of course, LOTS of SAMBA.

I truly can't wait to dance with you!

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Vanessa's work have been featured in many magazines and on television

"I have never in my life experienced the kind of freedom, confidence and joy that I feel with Vanessa. To have a teacher so grounded, creative, and inspiring has truly been a gift. (Vanessa) you give so much to all of us, and for that I want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you."

Helina Shaka
Dancer, Capoerista and Business Woman

"I feel lighter. I feel stronger. I feel that I am more in my truth and my power. Vanessa brought sensuality into my life (really!), I had no idea what it was to be a sensual woman until I started moving my hips with her. It felt so good, my hips were so locked up… I just felt a sense of freedom!"

Lisa Beck
Dancer, Choreographer & Creator of Lisa Beck Living


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