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Samba Dance Academy, Level 1

A Two Week Online Samba Program


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Welcome to the Samba Dance Academy!

The "Samba Dance Academy, Level 1" is a two week Samba program. Your first lesson is available to you as soon as you join the Academy and you can choose your own convenient time to dance with us and watch your videos.

You will have ongoing unlimited access to your videos once we deliver them to you.

Please read below for details about this fabulous ONLINE dance program.

"Working with Vanessa Isaac is a pure delight. She is knowledgeable, patient but also pushes you to be the best dancer you can be. Her fluid and feminine style is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she a beautiful dancer, she is a beautiful person. She infuses wellness and self-love in her dance practice and genuinely cares about all of her students. And her creativity expands beyond choreography.... If you are looking to improve your Samba, Vanessa Isaac is your woman."

Nadra Ehman
Samba Dancer, Afro-Fusion Teacher, Super Mom

Step-by-Step Samba Tutorials

The dance sessions feel just like a live dance class. I go step-by-step with you so you see what you need to do to master the moves in Rio's Samba-no-pé dance style. Have no fear! I am here to inspire you to dance your heart out, to learn and to thrive. I break down footwork, hips, arms and full body movements.

You also get a full "practice video" where you get to work on the fluidity and musicality of Samba.

I say, you are born to shine! Are you ready to Samba?

Beautiful Combos & Choreography

Learn fun and sexy combinations! Samba dance will inspire you to move your body! The Samba Dance Academy ™ breaks down the most important steps and moves in Samba dancing, teaching you the transition steps, popular and innovative moves, styling and more.  

You will feel inspired and confident in your own abilities. I will love seeing you succeed and having fun at the same time.

At the Samba Dance Academy™.... YOU are the diva!

Love you body. YOU are beautiful

Samba is one of the best dance styles to help you gain confidence in yourself.

Always remember that every woman has her own unique inner and outer beauty... Yes, I’m talking about You! It’s time to free ourselves from our limiting beliefs around our relationship with our body.

My dance program can truly help you love your body and your beautiful self. Samba transforms your body, raises your confidence, and taps into your sensuality.

Dance Sessions Include:

  Step-by-Step Samba Footwork Video

√  Step-by- Step Samba Hips Video

√  Step-by-Step Samba Arms Video

√  Basic Samba-no-Pé Practice, 2 Videos (with voice-over and without).

√  Short Combo 1, Tutorial and Practice Videos (2 videos)

√  Combo 2, Tutorial and Practice Videos (2 videos) 

√ Combo 3, Tutorial and Practice Videos (2 videos)

√ All Three Combos Together, Tutorial and Practice Videos (2 Videos)

BONUS: Samba Music for Queens! 8 of my favorite tracks that I practice with and that I use while teaching my live workshops. This list has been compiled from years of research, so you will love to have these!

Samba Classes Anywhere!

How does the Samba Dance Academy Level 1 work?

The Samba Dance Academy™ is your premier online Brazilian Dance Studio.

In this two week Level 1 Samba program we will cover the basics of Samba, and more.

In the first week, we will focus on the beautiful Samba-no-Pé movement, which is the necessary foundation for a skillful Samba dancer. In these videos I break down the movement of feet, hips and arms.

In the second week, we will focus on different combos so you get used to learning a Samba routine while working on some popular and traditional moves. The videos included here go from easy and short, to longer and slightly more complex choreography.

You will receive a new pre-recorded lesson or lifestyle video every few days during this two week program. The first video will be available for you as soon as you join the program. But don't worry, you can choose your own convenient time to watch them. You will have ongoing unlimited access to your videos once we deliver them to you. You will receive an email from us letting you know that new videos will be available for you on our platform.

We sequenced our delivery to you so you can feel the progress being made. It is my belief that while learning something new, it is better to go step-by-step to gain confidence with every step, and every "bumbum" shake of the way.

Are you ready to Samba? You will feel sexy and confident! Samba is soulful and expressive. It's time for you to unleash your inner SAMBA!

Please understand that this program is primarily intended to focus on the technical foundations of Samba.


"Vanessa Isaac has a profound gift for creating a sense of home in the dance. Her love of her country and culture is infectious, so much so, that you want it to be your country and culture too.... Samba is no easy feat, and Vanessa was incredibly patient with me as I learned the cadence of the samba language. I reconnected to the beauty of my body and what it was capable of. Vanessa teaches, encourages, supports AND challenges you as you discover who you want to be as a dancer. She is an incredible ambassador for dance and Brazilian culture, but she is also a genuine, kind and loving human being..."

Adriane Butler
Samba Dancer, Fashion Designer and Stylist, Super Mom

Samba Dance Academy, Level 1




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Q & A

Q: If I am busy on the day you send me a new lesson will I miss the lesson delivered that day? A: Although the first videos will start being available for you the same day you join the program and then every few days for the following videos, you don't have to start your lessons at that time and date. You will be able to make your own schedule at your own convenience. Once we deliver the videos to you, you will also have ongoing and unlimited access to all your lessons and videos.

Q:  Do I loose access to the videos and lessons when the two weeks are over? A: No. This product will stay in "your studio" so you can access it anytime you want to dance with us. You just need to login to have access to your Samba Dance Academy, Level 1 videos.

Q: Is this a fitness program? A. This is a dance program. Although Samba is always a great workout. This program focuses primarily on the technical foundations of Samba.                                     

A little bit about me and my work!

Hello, I am Vanessa Isaac. A born-and-raised Brazilian performer, choreographer and dance educator, who absolutely loves sharing my culture, teaching Samba Dance and inspiring a lifestyle of beauty and joy.

I am so humbled to have inspired thousands of dancers and women worldwide, from whom I get daily emails. It is wonderful to see dancers improve their skills, and to see women claiming their inner and outer beauty and becoming confident on their abilities.  

I have performed and taught Samba and Brazilian Dance across the U.S.A, Europe and Brazil and have been a guest choreographer for many companies and productions. 

For those who desire to become professional dancers, I am here to help you along the way. I have trained dancers who went on to become professionals, who joined and founded their own Brazilian dance companies. I love training Samba dancers!

One of my recent highlights was being invited last year to be one of the dance instructors and Samba performers at the first International Samba Congress in Los Angeles, CA. I was honored to be a part of the event with top Samba professionals from all over the world.

I am the creator & host of the Sexy, Samba Soul International Show, where I interview and showcase experts and dancers sharing Samba Dance and Brazilian Culture Internationally.

Through it all, my heart is dedicated to sharing the healing powers of dance, the undeniable beauty of Samba & Brazilian lifestyle and to shine light on the gorgeousness YOU possess. Samba on!

A few years ago I founded Hip Brazil, a lifestyle company to promote the unique style and vibrant culture of Brazil with the world... and NOW I created the Samba Dance Academy™ Online to help all women love their body, gain their confidence, own their abilities and their unique beauty.

I am grateful for the recognition that I have received over the years from the media and the dance and fitness industry.

My work has been featured on CNN Headline News, Fox TV and in numerous magazines and publications such as Dance Spirit, InStyle, Shape, Fitness, Women’s Health and Fitness, Weight Watchers, Sweat Magazine, and many others. 

My Brazilian Dance Workout sold over one million copies worldwide, and was voted one of the top ten fitness DVDs of the year by Fitness Magazine and Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine. I was also nominated for the prestigious Brazilian International Press Award in the Dance category.






"When I discovered Vanessa's samba class I knew immediately that I had stumbled onto something special.... Vanessa exudes a sensuality and passion that are infectious - a truly magical combination! Vanessa's classes are both pure joy, as well as a challenge for the mind and body - I always feel completely alive during her class and long after. It doesn't matter what kind of day I've had, if I end it with Vanessa's class it has been the most wonderful day! My husband loves to see the sparkle in my eyes and the spring in my step when I come home from her class!"

Stacey Rook
Samba and Hula Dancer, Mermaid Performer

"I feel lighter. I feel stronger. I feel that I am more in my truth and my power. Vanessa brought sensuality into my life (really!), I had no idea what it was to be a sensual woman until I started moving my hips with her. It felt so good, my hips were so locked up… I just felt a sense of freedom!"

Lisa Beck
Dancer, Choreographer & Creator of Lisa Beck Living

"Vanessa explains and helps you think through the choreography, making you understand what your body is doing... She makes you feel sexy...."

Anastasia Smith
Dancer, Model and super Mom

"I have never in my life experienced the kind of freedom, confidence and joy that I feel with Vanessa. To have a teacher so grounded, creative, and inspiring has truly been a gift. (Vanessa) you give so much to all of us, and for that I want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you."

Helina Shaka
Dancer and Capoerista


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